“Talking Whiteboars”: Getting Lost and The Funnel (Perdersi e l’imbuto)

Many thanks to Adelheid Mers and Asha Iman Veal for featuring me in the project “Talking Whiteboards” (Day 4 part 1) funded by DCASE this past summer.

We had an in-person meeting and a virtual one.

In my first (in person) visit to Adelheid’s studio, I talked about my Chicago leaving thoughts: I was reading at the same time Perdersi. L’uomo senza ambiente, a book by Franco La Cecla an Italian anthropologist, and Vilem Flusser Freedom of the Migrant Objection to nationalism. Even if very much desired, leaving wasn’t easy. The fear of losing was keeping me company…

Once back I extended the thoughts originated by chatting with Adelheid and here are some new reflections I build up on top of her diagram.

Exploring Adelheid Mers’s Diagram “After Vilem Flusser: Exile and Creativity”, 2016


In our Skype call, I used Adelheid’s diagram to expand my thoughts about the artistic production and methodology process of the Artists of Adoption (Gli artisti dell’adozione) protagonists of my ICAR (5thInternational Conference on adoption) conference lecture “Living Adoptic” held in New Zealand in 2016.

Exploring Adelheid Mers’s Diagram “The Braid”, 2016


Since I was skyping in, towards the end I asked Asha Iman Veal to draw a funnel (un imbuto) for me. The funnel represents the way adoption experience and life are infused in the content of the Artists of Adoption artworks

Here is the video.